Best practices
Readibility To increase the readability for the respondent restrict the number of questions per page so that the user doesn't have to scroll to see all the questions.
Also, due to technical reasons the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted to the server is limited.
The maximum number of questions on each page depends on the question type used ( open fields, for example, use more resources than questions with radio buttons) and the browser on the client side.
Pilotstudy In order to reveal hidden problems in advance you should plan a pilot study before you deploy your survey. 
Also export the data from LimeSurvey into SPSS to check if the data structure (type and variable names) correspond to your research requirements.
Browser Although Limesurvey works on all modern desktop browsers, it is recommended to use a recent version of the Mozilla Firefox browser for designing your questionnaires. Try where possible to recommend it also to the respondent. Click here to install or update Firefox
Step by step guidelines
Step 1: Create a new survey
Step 2: Create a question group
Step 3: Add questions
Step 4: Test and activate your survey
Step 5: Announce your survey
Step 6: Export response data to SPSS
Step 7: Close your survey
Feedback to the respondent
Visual feedback to the respondent - Powered by Chart js or Jpgraph Documentation Chart JS
Documentation Jpgraph
Example with different types of charts
Limesurvey import file (question)
Redirect the respondent at the end of the survey to an external report in PDF format using API access. Additional PHP programming required by third party  
Survey behaviour
Present a stimulus for a fixed period of time and auto-advance Example (time: 3 seconds)
Limesurvey import file (question)
How do I repeat a survey using the same token Increase the "Uses left" in the token list and reset the "Completed?" field to "N". You can optionally import a CSV file with a token list.
Tip You can ensure that a participant can resume a survey without the procedure with email and password, by enabling the setting "Saving Enable persistent responses based on access codes?"
Informed consent Example
Limesurvey import file (group)
Question types
To download and install Limesurvey import files, right click on the link and select "Save link As"
HTML5 video Example (with and without auto-advance)
Limesurvey import file (group) video.lsg
Image file with transparant pixel for overlay in second example
HTML5 audio Example (with auto-advance)
Limesurvey import file (question) audio.lsq
Resource: Image file with loudspeaker
Numeric input with slider Example
Limesurvey import file (group)
Custom selection type Javascript programming required  
Example with custom selection wheel
Resource: Selection wheel (Adobe Illustrator)
Resource: Image file with crosshair
Limesurvey import file (group)
Present X groups from Y groups random Example
Limesurvey import file (survey)
Image select Example
Limesurvey import file (question)
Customized radio buttons and checkboxes To enable customized selection buttons select template pp61_mc_bluengrey_customized_selection_buttons
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